How to Become a Farmer Market Vendor


Because of the frenzy going on in the various farmers market around the globe, a lot of eager young farmers are beginning to venture into this lucrative money making the opportunity. For centuries, the farmers market has been the most common of selling farm products. And over time, the farmers market has become an integral part of a community, regarding providing the community with fresh fruits and vegetables. In some part of the world, and most probably in your local communities, you find out that, some supermarkets and grocery stores do not even sell most of the farm produce. The farmer’s markets are the only places you can find these special products.

The income generated from the farmer’s markets is beginning to gain attention among non-farmers. It is quite easy to be a vendor of your local farmers market, selling your homegrown farm products, or other house produced foods. But for an effective and lucrative sale, you’ll have to follow some steps.

  • Be Prepared. Make A List Of All That You Need

To be a very successful farmer, you have to prepare and work hard. You have to ensure that you have all you need to start up a farmers market. You have to check and cross check all your items, so you do not get agitated when you don’t have a particular item. Like I said before, being a farmer’s market vendor is hard work; you have to prepare you to produce and drive them to your vendor stand before your customers arrive. If you do not have a stand in the farmers market, then you may need to carry your stand, which can be inconvenient. For you to be good at what you do, it will be a nice idea to smile a lot when attending to customers. That charm and convivial attitude will bring customers your way. Don’t get discouraged, because even your lunch may be in a rush.

  • Decide What You’re Going to Sell

One of the reasons why the farmers market tends to have so many customers is because the produce in the farmers market is usually fresh. You come in as a farmers market vendor here; not only must you sell fresh products, you must also pick a particular product to sell. You could sell freshly killed meats, fresh fish milk fruits, and veggies, even hot or cold drinks (depending on the mood it is to be served) can be sold in the farmers market; pick a product to sell. The fresher the farm products are, the better your chances of having more customers. Advertising and arranging your products in a special also help your competition.

  • Acquire a Board of Health Certification

To get customers to trust you more, and to purchase your products, it will be wise that you get certified. The certification always comes in handy for those in the food selling business, and also for those vendors who deal with fresh products, like fruits and vegetables, milk, cottage products, fresh meat, and fish. The reason for getting the certificate is simply because of the potential health hazard threat it poses. Getting a certificate from your local board of health increases your chances of being accepted into the farmers’ market vendor family.

  • Try to Create and Maintain a Healthy Relationship with the Owner of the Market

The moment you create a friendly and healthy relationship with the organizers, there is a 95 percent probability you’ll last in the market. When you want to meet with the organizers, try to give a great sales pitch. Also, ask questions about customers and other market vendors.

  • Prepare or Have your Stall

You don’t expect to share a stall with another vendor. You need to have your stall. In some markets, there are premade stalls, all you have to do is pay the rental fee. In other markets, you have to provide your stall, to keep in the space provided for you. Your stall has to be made according to the mode it is made in the particular market, or to suit your product. There is usually a provision for that.

  • Always be Prepared.

To make it in the farmer’s market vendor’s competition, you need to follow these principles. Always prepare your product beforehand; go to bed early and wake up early as well.