Liquid Gold

For fellow farmers out there, or those who enjoy our stories, I own stalls at the North Carolina Beach Farmers market, selling bee honey and other hand-grown and handmade items. I hope to bring awareness of my region and our local enterprises to the world. Please join me on my quest. It is no surprise that the farmers’ market vendors are making record sales. All thanks to their pure, organic and naturally grown products, off-beat products are among the most purchased groceries in our markets, minimarts, supermarkets, and even on social media. People don’t want their food tainted with chemicals and sprays as the consequences are well known. They want better ingredients, better taste, and better health.

Because of the frenzy for quality nutrition, even non-farmers have begun to invest in farmers’ markets. Maybe you are one of them. There are websites giving directions to where you can find a market for particular products. So, yeah, farmers markets are a big deal. Well, they are certainly lucrative to me and I work hard at my trade not only to give the public what it wants, but to allow me to have the necessities of life. I can attest to the fact that you can support your lifestyle with “liquid gold.” There is nothing like honey with local flavor to entice buyers to your door. Keeping it in attractive jars with personalized labels doesn’t hurt. People love to display the raffia-tied containers on their kitchen shelves.

Of course, you think of basic overhead as rent, food, transportation, entertainment, etc. Imagine that I singled out one particular new purchase from my honey profits: a tankless water heater from How many jars of honey does it take to buy one of these new marvels of technology? That is a math problem for your kids for sure. I didn’t do the arithmetic, however, as the cost of such an appliance would take more than one session at the market. I now know that the public supported my efforts, as I was able to get my replacement water heater in less time than expected. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long for some decent hot water for a long shower. No more tepid times under the dual-head spray.

Most people who live in older homes or apartments must make do with that waiting period for hot water to accumulate. With the tankless models, this is no longer a chore. You can wash pots and pans, run a dishwasher, clean the floors, and then take a shower since no cumbersome and ugly metal tank is depleted. I adore my new unit and brag about it to friends. Everyone wants to upgrade as well. They are more affordable than ever and easy to find. Your eyes will no longer turn away from a bulky tank in the hall closet. There is now room for more clothes and storage items. After all, I need space for my unfilled honey jars!