Shopping for Your Neighbors

Giving is now a thing of a past. We now live in a ‘me,’ ‘myself,’ and ‘I’ world. Everyone always wants to satisfy himself. This personal gratification is the why neighbors no longer give common things to each other. This issue of giving is a big one, that is why there are even websites dedicated to neighborly giving. These sites are trying to inculcate the spirit of giving and neighborly love in the hearts of the American society.

They are basic things you can do as a neighbor, to show your neighbors, the neighborly love, that we are talking about today. Things like garden tools are good things to give to your neighbors.

Here are some groceries you can get, that can be beneficial to you and your neighbors.

  • Cheese: getting excess cheese is good. Research has shown that cheeses are used in many dishes, and you can get it for yourself and a little extra, for your neighbor.
  • Peas: a can of a pea can last for a long while. It is good that you can also get some for your neighbors. It shows that you care about the health of your neighbor.
  • Sugar: ‘can I borrow a cup of sugar?’ ‘Sure you can’ sugar has been the most shared groceries amongst neighbors for a long time now. Since the 19th century, sugar was not an issue, and a neighbor could happily give a cup of sugar to their neighbors. But lately, sugar amongst other things, are not even given any more. The chain of giving has been broken, and people are now greedier than ever. That aside, sugar is a great commodity that you can get for your neighbor.
  • Flour: you can get a bag of flour and keep at home so that it can serve you and your neighbor. Flours can be used for baked food like pie; therefore, it’s very necessary to have flour at home, so you can also spare some to your neighbor.